Social Media Tips For Roofing Contractors


It is not uncommon to get referral business from a previous or new client via social media. The social media platform is growing in popularity and is a great avenue for increasing leads and referrals. To ensure you make the best out of the social platform, contractors should share their portfolios and engage the audience in a way that makes them stand out. Click on this website for the best social media tips for the roofing contractors. Below are some of the ways that will enable you to get the most out of the social media platforms

Create a plan


Developing a plan is the key to your business success if it’s done in the right way. The plan should be strategically developed to suit each of the social media platforms you are targeting. For the goals to be achievable, you should know what you are eyeing to achieve. The next step is coming up with a schedule. Come up with a list of channels you are going to post to. Also, ensure that you stick to each schedule once you develop.

Take advantage of pictures and videos

If you are looking to gain a competitive edge, pictures and videos will come in handy in your marketing campaign. With apps like Facebook live video and Periscope, roofing contractors are in a position to share their work in real-time. To effectively execute this, ensure that you outline unique jobs or those that you are most proud of. Showcase each of the projects from start to finish and don’t hesitate to go deeper into the finer details.

Constantly update, re-use and recycle

If you are looking to build a greater social media presence, then you need to constantly have fresh content lined up. Be very creative, and develop content that is both informative and educative to your followers. You should also seek information that you think is helpful to your clients. Understand their roofing needs and develop a plan based on the information gathered from them. Also, take time and engage with them so as to get feedback on what’s important to them.

Get as creative as possible


Creativity is what gets you ahead of other roofing contractors. This is not as easy as it may sound. One way of doing it can be by developing a conversation with your followers. If any of your followers responds, you should provide immediate feedback. This shows how you are paying attention to what they need. You can also use different taglines and hash tags for each week.



Fun Physical Activities For Summer Day Camp


Getting your kids away from video games and leaving them to exercise is not a problem if you send them to a summer day camp for kids. The main reason for this is that they will get an opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities, which are meant to keep the kids on the move. Usually, kids get exhausted, but they become happy after spending their time in fun physical activities.

Summer day activities

Tennis and golf lessons

tg23wedfc7vhwed78u2Nowadays, day camps offer a broad range of programs at any time of the year. However, during the summer, they offer special activities such as tennis and golf lessons. These types of activities allow the kids to develop a lot of interest after the desire to play with the toys is over. The type of sports stimulates both muscle and cardiovascular development. This enhances other useful activities one enjoys during their leisure time.

Classic camp games

The good thing about this camp games is that they allow children to form healthy friendships. Remember that physical fitness is quite enjoyable whenever you exercise in a group. Fortunately, day camps offer the required guidance and equipment that kids require to engage in a fitness regime. For instance, they organize friendly competitions and encourage bonding. In this way, kids find physical activity to be just plain fun.


Kids can get fit by engaging in swimming activities. Regular swimming lessons train the kids important safety skills and encourage them to stay healthy. In fact, day camps ensure that swimming does not get boring by training them different swimming techniques.


tgedfc7w3e8dik2As you may have realized, a summer day camp involves a lot of boisterous activities. Moreover, it offers several other ways children can engage in physical activities. For example, planting fields dog show is a type of exercise that attracts children because of curiosity. Also, it is ideal for providing kids an opportunity to deal with restrictions that arise from a sports injury. Moreover, it promotes mental well-being and can help kids to understand a lot about nature.

From above, you have learned that keeping your children active during the summer does not have to be difficult. It is made easy when you take advantage of the summer day camps. Ensure you find the right program, which balances the child-lead activities. In this way, you can see your kid blossom into an adult that appreciates physical activity and loves outdoors.

Advantages of the ECO 27 Eco Smart Electric Tankless Water Heater


The Eco Smart Electric Tankless is considered a smart water heater. Just like you would expect with any smart appliance, it offers a digital option for most of the activities. By being a smart tankless heater, it eliminates the need to monitor your water during heating. All you have to do is to use the digital settings, and everything else will be done automatically. With the modern way of living, you need smart appliances, and this water heater should be one of them. Apart from the smart feature, there are still many other reasons to buy this water heater.

Reasons to buy the Eco Smart Electric Tankless heater

Energy saving feature

Compared to other electric tankless water heater, the Eco 27 Smart Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of the best when it comes to energy efficiency. The ability to save energy is a major concern when it comes to electric water heaters because energy bills can get out of hand. For energy efficiency, this water heater has an automatic adjustment to set the energy required to heat water automatically. If you don’t want very hot water, the less energy will be used to heat the water translating to low energy bills.


Faster heater

One thing that you probably know about tankless water heaters is the fact that they don’t store hot water. They heat water on demand and only heat water based on demand. When looking for a water heater, you need a heater that will heat your water as quickly as possible to avoid delays. With the Eco Smart Electric Tankless, you are guaranteed that your water will be heated in three minutes. The average heating time is 3 gallons per minute which are rather impressive.

Clear digital controls

The Eco Smart Electric is a modern tankless heater, and it obviously comes with digital controls. When it comes to digital controls in any heater, they should be clear and easy to set. For this model, there is a clear control panel that makes it easy to control water temperature. If an underground water tank serves your house, then you might be required to increase the temperatures for proper cooling of the water.


Compact design

If you have limited space in your house, then this is the best water heater to use. The compact design allows you to position it anywhere in the house easily.

Tips to consider before buying physical gold


Physical gold is becoming a popular investment for many people. Buying physical gold involves buying some gold coins or bars and physically owning them. Owning physical gold is not only a smart investment, but it also comes with the pride of ownership. Nothing is satisfying like seeing the physical manifestation of your wealth in the form of gold. However, there are some factors to consider when it comes to buying and storing the gold. You need to monitor some important tips keeping in mind that gold is a very valuable item and you need to take care of it.

Buying physical gold

Storage of the gold

Before buying gold, it is important to consider the means of storage. Buying gold is one thing, but you still need to make sure that you store it well. Being a precious metal, the security of your gold is important. You need to find a secure place to keep it away from thieves. One of the options of storing gold is storing in a bank safe. However, if you don’t want to store it in the bank, you can consider physical storage iras.


Use a reputable buyer

Gold is not something that you buy just from anybody. Gold investment is a big one, and you need to make sure that you buy from a reputable dealer. It is important to make sure that you buy from a dealer who has some experience in the field and a dealer who has a good reputation. If you are not experienced in buying gold, you might find yourself buying something else in the name of gold.

Understand pricing and when to buy

If you are serious about gold investment, it is important to understand the pricing very well. Just like any other investment, it is important for you to know the various dynamics involved in the process of buying and selling gold. For instance, you should know how gold is weighed and how it measured. Understanding the dynamics of gold trading will make you a smart gold investor.


Gold insurance

When you decide to store gold in your home, you need to know that your normal home insurance might not pay in case the gold is stolen. You might want to look for alternative insurance for your gold when it comes to protection from gold.

Hiring a maid service Houston over an independent cleaner


House cleaning is an important activity, and you need to get someone to help you. For house cleaning, you have the option of looking for a cleaning company or hiring an independent housekeeper. In the modern day, hiring cleaning services is better than hiring a housekeeper. With a Maid Service Houston, you can be sure that your house will be cleaned whenever you need. However, a housekeeper is a full-time employee in your house and will take care of the needs of your house every day of the week.

Why consider a cleaning company over a housekeeper?

Saving on cost

Housekeepers are full-time employees, and this means that they have a salary or a retainer. A salary and retainer can be expensive because the housekeeper is paid whether they work or not. A cleaning company, on the other hand, is cheaper to hire. Most of the time, you will set a specific schedule on when you want your house to be cleaned. If the cleaning company comes to your house three times a week, then you will only pay them for the days that they cleaned.


Trained personnel

Once you hire house cleaning Houston, you will be guaranteed that you get trained personnel to do the job. Cleaning companies take the time to train their employees on the various cleaning techniques to guarantee the best cleaning services. Most of the housekeepers don’t have to be trained, and you might even be forced to take some extra time to train them.

No administration stress

With a housekeeper, you will be responsible for managing them. You have to take care of their salaries, taxes and also their leave days. This is a lot of work and stress. Many people who want to avoid the stress of managing employees don’t prefer to hire a maid service to do the job. House cleaning companies will be responsible for administration activities and make sure that your house is clean at all times.


No vetting or background checks

When hiring a housekeeper, you need to do proper vetting and background checks to make sure that you hire the right person. For maids Houston, all the vetting and the background checks are left to the cleaning company. Clients don’t have to go through the stress of vetting the employees.