Social Media Tips For Roofing Contractors


It is not uncommon to get referral business from a previous or new client via social media. The social media platform is growing in popularity and is a great avenue for increasing leads and referrals. To ensure you make the best out of the social platform, contractors should share their portfolios and engage the audience in a way that makes them stand out. Click on this website for the best social media tips for the roofing contractors. Below are some of the ways that will enable you to get the most out of the social media platforms

Create a plan


Developing a plan is the key to your business success if it’s done in the right way. The plan should be strategically developed to suit each of the social media platforms you are targeting. For the goals to be achievable, you should know what you are eyeing to achieve. The next step is coming up with a schedule. Come up with a list of channels you are going to post to. Also, ensure that you stick to each schedule once you develop.

Take advantage of pictures and videos

If you are looking to gain a competitive edge, pictures and videos will come in handy in your marketing campaign. With apps like Facebook live video and Periscope, roofing contractors are in a position to share their work in real-time. To effectively execute this, ensure that you outline unique jobs or those that you are most proud of. Showcase each of the projects from start to finish and don’t hesitate to go deeper into the finer details.

Constantly update, re-use and recycle

If you are looking to build a greater social media presence, then you need to constantly have fresh content lined up. Be very creative, and develop content that is both informative and educative to your followers. You should also seek information that you think is helpful to your clients. Understand their roofing needs and develop a plan based on the information gathered from them. Also, take time and engage with them so as to get feedback on what’s important to them.

Get as creative as possible


Creativity is what gets you ahead of other roofing contractors. This is not as easy as it may sound. One way of doing it can be by developing a conversation with your followers. If any of your followers responds, you should provide immediate feedback. This shows how you are paying attention to what they need. You can also use different taglines and hash tags for each week.