Advantages of the ECO 27 Eco Smart Electric Tankless Water Heater


The Eco Smart Electric Tankless is considered a smart water heater. Just like you would expect with any smart appliance, it offers a digital option for most of the activities. By being a smart tankless heater, it eliminates the need to monitor your water during heating. All you have to do is to use the digital settings, and everything else will be done automatically. With the modern way of living, you need smart appliances, and this water heater should be one of them. Apart from the smart feature, there are still many other reasons to buy this water heater.

Reasons to buy the Eco Smart Electric Tankless heater

Energy saving feature

Compared to other electric tankless water heater, the Eco 27 Smart Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of the best when it comes to energy efficiency. The ability to save energy is a major concern when it comes to electric water heaters because energy bills can get out of hand. For energy efficiency, this water heater has an automatic adjustment to set the energy required to heat water automatically. If you don’t want very hot water, the less energy will be used to heat the water translating to low energy bills.


Faster heater

One thing that you probably know about tankless water heaters is the fact that they don’t store hot water. They heat water on demand and only heat water based on demand. When looking for a water heater, you need a heater that will heat your water as quickly as possible to avoid delays. With the Eco Smart Electric Tankless, you are guaranteed that your water will be heated in three minutes. The average heating time is 3 gallons per minute which are rather impressive.

Clear digital controls

The Eco Smart Electric is a modern tankless heater, and it obviously comes with digital controls. When it comes to digital controls in any heater, they should be clear and easy to set. For this model, there is a clear control panel that makes it easy to control water temperature. If an underground water tank serves your house, then you might be required to increase the temperatures for proper cooling of the water.


Compact design

If you have limited space in your house, then this is the best water heater to use. The compact design allows you to position it anywhere in the house easily.