Netherlands – Gently Beautiful Country

The Netherlands is a country of tulips, clogs, beer, cheese, windmills, diamonds, castles, country of tolerance and perfection … This is the most densely populated part of the continent, this is a part of Europe that simply must be seen and experienced. The Netherlands is a country in Western Europe and with Belgium and Luxembourg make the Benelux.

The Netherlands does not have a unified capital. The seat of government and the King is located in The Hague, as most embassies, but under the constitution ruler to be sworn in Amsterdam. More about royal history, you can see on All About Royal Families. Netherlands has 42,000 km2 with a population of 17 million. Country Netherlands consists of 12 provinces while originally the only two provinces.

About half of the territory of the Netherlands is below one meter above sea level, and about a quarter is below sea level. These areas are flood dam channel system with a total length of more than 3,000 km. The city is known for its famous museums Van Gogh Museum, The Museum of Tulips, Rembrandt House Museum, and others … The best impression of this beautiful and authentic city can experience the ship, cruising through the Amsterdam canals.

Netherlands will be your unforgettable holiday

A holiday in Netherlands will be like a trip where you will discover a lot of secrets and beauties of this country. Netherlands has given us Van Gogh and Rembrandt, Piet Mondrian, Hieronymus Bosch and Frans Hals. It is a country with classic windmills, handmade clogs, and beautiful tulips in every possible colour. The best ways to feel a culture and people are to join them in towns, sit in one of the numerous cafes on sunny days. Another way to explore the beauties of Netherlands is to take bike routes and enjoy in natural beauty of a countryside.

These are some of places that you need to see and visit on your next holiday in Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Rijksmuseum, Giethoorn, Netherlands Ski Resorts, Anne Frank House, Keukenhof Gardens, Madurodam, Rembrandt House Museum, Heineken Experience, Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Hermitage Amsterdam, Cube House, Paradiso, Vondelpark, Rotterdam Centraal Station, Erasmus Bridge and of course Tulip Fields like desert.