Netherlands Travel Guide – Plan your Trip

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a wonderful northwestern country in Europe with many beautiful party travel destinations on an area of 41,528 square kilometers. It is situated with Belgium at its south and Germany at the west. The tourist attractions of Netherlands are famous among all the wonders in Europe.

Travel Attractions In Netherlands

The area of the country with half dimension is situated below sea level. All the rivers and other natural phenomenon form the part of Wonders of Netherlands. The largest river known as “de Grote Rivieren” forms an important part in the wonders of the nation. The country also consists of 20 natural parks which are also among the tourist attractions. Other natural reserves such as the delta works of Rotterdam is also one of the important part of the wonders. The country is also known for its longest coastline. The beaches of the nation and the area situated around it are appreciated by many tourists visiting the nation.


If you are visiting Netherland, Amsterdam will be an important place to visit. The rivers and the atmospheric network are visited by tourist from various parts of the world. Amsterdam is also famous for its ports, canals, commercial bustle and brick houses.

The Hague

The Hague had acquired the title of being the capital city of Netherlands in the beginning of 19th century. This place is one of the tourist spots which are now known as the capital of Zuid – Holland province. This area is very well maintained by the government for the tourists.


It is another important tourist destination in Netherland which is builds on Old Rhine. It is also situated to the west of Rijnland with canals placed in crisscrossed ways. The town is also famous for its university.


Rotterdam is famous in Netherland for being the third largest port of the particular city according to the report in the year 1997. It is also known as the place with the second largest population in Netherlands. Tourists visiting Netherland can capture wonderful photographs at Rotterdam. The city grew up on New Mass River with natural beauty all over.

Cultural Places of the Nation

The famous museums such as Rijksmuseum, Vincent van Gogh Museum etc are also the tourist attractions of Netherlands. The visitors will also find the rings of canals over the beautiful nation. Few important features of the people of Netherlands are their handmade windmills, wooden shoes and other creativities of their art and sculptures. The time to visit the nation is every year between April and May.

Parliament and Senate

The country is rules by the constitutional monarchy. The country is also famous for its house of parliament and Senate.  Though the influences of kings are still realized by the people of the nation, they do not have direct influence on the political responsibility of the nation. The royal decree is the prime authority to appoint the ministers and other members of the parliament. The five international court of the country is also a way of attraction to many tourists.