Top Places to Visit in Madrid

A unique city in Spain with an altitude of 2,100 feet is popularly known as Madrid. It is also the capital city of Spain. The city is famous around the world for bullfighting. If you are visiting Madrid, you will enjoy shopping in some finest shops and have the pleasure to view the world class art galleries.

Important places to be visited in the city of Madrid

If you are a visitor of Madrid, the traditional Flamenco dance is one of the city’s attractions. You can find many more places of attraction after visiting Madrid in Spain. Annual festivals like the famous La Tomatina Spanish tomato party are celebrated by tourists from all over the world.

Puetra Del Sol

If you are starting your trip in Madrid, the wonderful attraction known as Puerto Del Sol is the place where the radical highway begins. The statue of the bear which is standing against a tree is another important attraction and landmark. This statue is famous in the way that it is the Madrid’s coat of arms.

Palacio Real

Every place is known for its history. An association of past and present makes the destination interesting. Palacio Real is the Royal Palace situated in Madrid which is also one of the important places in the city of Madrid. The royal palace is open to the public and tourist to view with an entry fee. You will be very happy to view the beautiful formal garden associated just beside the palace.


Most of the people come from far countries to Madrid of Spain just to view the bull fights. It will be utter foolishness to move away from Madrid without viewing the bull fights. Very few people coming from other parts of the world has hardly viewed the bull fight before. There is a particular season for bull fight in Madrid. Generally, the season in the city of Madrid starts in March and ends in October.

Parque Del Buen Retiro

You must have viewed the picture of this wonderful tourist spot over the internet. This is a very bid park along with statues, central lake, pleasant walkways and fountains. If you want to get away from busy environment of the city during the week end, this is the ultimate place for you. People can get a relaxing atmosphere after spending a long stressful week. You can easily hire a boat and get a wonderful ride over the lake.

The Gran Via

Another important tourist destination in the city of Madrid is known as Gran Via. This will show you beautiful architecture in different styles of buildings. Even the Broadway streets were beautifully architecture.

Estacion De Atocha

This is counted as one among the two main railways in the city of Madrid. Along with the railways, you can also view the tropical garden which is a beauty associated with the mail hall. Here, tourists can easily catch variety of high speed trains.

Plaza de Colon

At Plaza de Colon, people can easily view the beautiful monuments of Columbus. The cultural centre is also associated with the exhibition room and the concert hall. A wall of water is another tourist attraction that hides the centre.

There are many more great places to visit in Madrid. Which are your favourite spots in Madrid? Do let us know and share the word by entering a comment.